The deeply spiritual, sophisticated rollout of new designs and the achingly detailed descriptions of the intellectual vortex they swirled out of continues:

I just like avocados.

(There’s a dozens, a doorstop, and a small round on 18 that would be a cute ornament, fit into a box top, or a luggage tag.  I aspire to be the lady who has a funky avocado luggage tag.)

2 thoughts to “Pass the chips

  • Rowena

    Love singles. Will you be doing more on 14 count? Pomegranates, sushi, etc

    • Jennifer Tan

      They are on 13 and yes we definitely will. So far we’ve mostly just taken smalls from nines except for a couple of long lighthouses, but I think we might try taking some from dozens too. I like the idea of the pomegranates especially. There are some new smalls just new and up on the website today. Bunnies, boats, and shirts and ties. Oh my. 🙂


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