When I worked on the Halloween sixes canvas it was in summer heat over a year ago.  My little tubs of paint were helping me figure out candy colours and my friendly pens here helped me figure out it needed a black border.

The design has finished its run as an exclusive club with the Needlepointer and is now coming into the Pippin line, along with its “offspring.”

These are the smaller canvases that I pull out to stand on their own.  The original is on 18 count and its offspring on 13.  There’s a stitch guide available for the original, with stitches designed by some of the best in the business.

The fun part was that when I was working on the newer ones it was actually Halloween! I so rarely work with the seasons.  My brain liked it.

My confession is that with my own offspring now big and mostly away I didn’t actually get any of these 49 cents a pound pumpkins this year.  But I’m covered for other Halloween props.

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