Continuing on with new designs.

I already have a thing for olive bars in stores.  I take pictures, thinking I’d like to paint them.

I think how would I get the shininess, the roundness?

I ogle them in jars, hanging out with their saucy citrus friends.

I have also always always dreaded bringing appetizers to events.  I’ve always been stumped and never really pull it off.  Lately I’ve been rocking trays that have a couple of types of cheese, a couple types of crackers and bread, some berries, some broken up squares of chocolate, maybe a red pepper jelly, caramelized nuts, and in summer some fresh flowers like lavender and rosemary and mount brescia from my garden, and yummy plump olives.

Did everyone already know about this?

So, olives.  I love the greens, I love the taste (usually… still experimenting a bit and they haven’t all been hits), and I love the fact that they have helped me now cross my fingers that I’ll be asked to bring the appetizer.  Quite a turnaround. Lovely olives.  They deserve a design.  Nine olives:

Another new design. I’ve been loving blue dishes lately, they pop out at me everywhere, and I’m also loving the combo of blue and orange.  Orange always calls to me but now these bright blues are jumping in, promising me they’ll contrast nicely.  (Opposite sides of the colour wheel.  These blues know their stuff.)

I did this mix of plates sort of loose and wonky and hopefully fun.  I have little plates like the one in the top right and they always look happy with a little snack on them.  This one was so yummy looking I took a picture.

I think I must be hungry.  And missing summer.

I wanted the plates design to match the style of the vine flower design, which was released in January on 13 count.

It has found a following so now we’ve released it on 18 count too.  These two designs are a little different than the dozens, nines, etc.  They’re one big image, and they’re a little looser and painterly.  New territory.  Having a ball working on them.

Ok more new designs to come!

2 thoughts to “More new designs mixed in with a bunch of food

  • Rowena

    Are you going to do the fruits in small small singles?

    • Jennifer Tan

      Hi there. I”m so sorry, your comment slipped through a crack and I’m just seeing it now. Did you mean the fruits that are in the blue plates and oranges bolster?


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