I used to spend so many late afternoons and evenings in town putting in time while an offspring ran around a soccer field or similar. (Practices.  I liked watching the games.)  And then those darned kids got all big.

Sometimes I would hunker down in my car, but often I found myself in a Starbucks writing in my journal or doing some work.  Now in a throwback to old times I’m on hold waiting for my youngest to get through a meeting, and have found myself back at a table with my things spread out in front of me.  I missed you, evening Starbucks!

It’s so calming to get away from my desk and think about future designs and directions away from the space where those will happen.

And the music here is excellent.

I will regret this evening chai, I’ll be staring at the ceiling at two, but right now I’m struck by how delicious it is.  I had forgotten how good evening chais are.

Plus I’m pretty sure he made it full strength instead of the requested 3/4 strength.  All the sugar with none of the guilt.  Score!

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