What a funny year we’re having here.  It’s been cold and snowy for a month now, and it’s pretty much impossible to buy salt anywhere around Vancouver.  The last few days it warmed up enough to rain instead of snow, and melted away some of the frozen piles along my steep driveway, but last night it froze again and my youngest and I went out for the school bus run to find solid sheets of ice and no more salt.  Ugh. And my neighbours shiny young jeep at the bottom in my runaway lane.  I chickened out, I’ve just lost my winter driving guts in the last couple of warm winters, and we went back into the house to wait for at the very least my neighbour to go to work so I could slide down the driveway only risking my own car.  (But I also don’t want to risk my dear “Spot” who has had my back and held my seat so wonderfully for so many years now.  I love Spot like a dear dog.   We have had many adventures together and wherever I leave her she’s always waiting there for me with a smile on her face and a wag in her tail.  Honestly I still feel happy when I look out in a parking lot and see her there.  And we listen to the best tunes together!  Ah Spot.  I love your Honda heart.)

I rooted around my garage one more time and found a surprise last bag of salt and that took care of the driveway ice for now.  We had missed the bus by then but I drove my youngest to school and got myself a hot chai out of it too.  The world is full of cold and flus and I have finally given in to one too, so the chai scowled at it and suggested it get on its way.


I’m heading to San Jose in a couple of weeks for Market and the Winter canvas above on 18, which has been part of a club with the Needlepointer, will be fresh into the Pippin line.  I was able to get a picture of it stitched, and it has a stitch guide available, with each window designed by a different instructor. Isn’t it sweet?  I love my basket weave but what a treat for me to get to see the fancy things on my designs. We’ve pulled out a few of the windows as separate canvases on 13 count.  All of these are brand new at the end of the month.  I must have been feeling winter last summer.

I was certainly feeling bears!

The nine polar bears and brown bears have been popular so we’ve pulled out a couple of them into smalls.

And one of them grabbed a balloon and hopped into a fancier frame.

These three said, like me, humph to winter.  We’re going back to bed with a comfy cover and a good book.

Just a sneaky peek ar some of the things coming at the end of the month.

2 thoughts to “Still brrrrrrrr

  • sally vaughn

    I am so glad you know how to manage driving in this stuff. You are made of “tuffer” stuff than I am. I enjoy your art. You make winter seem like fun.

    • Jennifer Tan

      Oh thank you but we’ve had some snowless winters so I’ve forgotten what I knew and I didn’t used to know much more than how to white knuckle through it. Was grateful when kids got old enough to walk down the hill to the school busses instead of the trips down our big hill and up another one to get the to their primary school. 🙂 Thank you very much for kind words. I think winter is very fun most of the time.


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