So glasses are on my mind a lot now.  My eyes are dim, I cannot see.  I’ve reached the stage of being in a store and being unable to read the ingredients list no matter how much I squint or how far I hold it from my face.  And I’ve scratched my head repeatedly at how one moment there are four pairs of reading glasses hanging out together, waiting to be called into action, and the next they’ve all crawled away to hide in bags and under pillows and couches.  So it seemed like a good time for Pippin to embrace glasses and all they offer. Celebrate them.  Suck up to them so they don’t hide so much.

I started with a fives canvas and flirted with rule-breaking as this fives canvas can go the usual horizontal

or get turned on its end and be vertical.

This is pretty ground breaking for me.  I wait for the walk light on deserted streets and wrestle in store express lines with whether a couple of red peppers counts as one or two.

I really liked the shapes of the glasses I found so decided to go on and make an eyeglass case design for each, and try to make them all look a little different but like they’re still part of one big family.  Lots of fun playing with colour and design.

And when I had them all where I was happy (because one was a stinker to get to the finish line but it’s a testament to the fun I had that I’ve forgotten which one) I piled them in the car and took them on a road trip to Anacortes to take their pictures at my favourite shoot location.

I had so much fun working on these! My eyes are dim but these puppies are not!

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