What a change.  The air has warmed up and the sun has come out.

There’s still a bit of this stuff hanging around, especially along the roads, but it’s turning to a frozen icy thing that feels pretty far removed from the fluffy stuff it fell as.

The blue jays have been racing around outside, chasing each other past the windows and squawking at the tops of their voices.  I can see an eagle sitting in the top of a tree way down by the beach, hopefully enjoying that sun soak in.  Can you imagine how good that must feel?

I’m having a quiet day of drawing and enjoying warm feet.  I’m sitting on the couch thinking about pomegranates, trying to decide what colour border I would want if I was a pomegranate.

It’s wonderful seeing bright shadows in my house again.  Lucy at first seemed offput by the brightness.

Somewhere inside though her heart must have made a happy noise, because soon she was joined by her sister, hoping for a spot in the sun.

A cease fire was called on all sisterly cat grumpiness as the first proper sunbaths of the year commenced.

A lineup of lickers.

Sun and stretching and spit.  The basics of a good life, right there.

It felt good watching them.  My own form of sun celebration, maybe.

But then Lucy had to take it a bit too far.

“Ew,” said Scout.

“See ya,” said Scout.

And so it was over, the spell broken by Lucy’s bum.

Now I’m back to working on the couch, Lucy comes and goes sitting by me, and Scout has gone off to cuddle her girl and grumble about sisters.

I think turquoise.  (My pomegranate me.)

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