Image 7This is my fall tree shot, taken while stopped at a red light, out the window of my car.

My boy, the middlest one, takes another approach.  He goes up through the (always green) treesDSC_0255

to the high, small trees and above.

DSC_0254I see that goat trail with the mountain falling off either side and think, “ugh”.  Remind myself that I’m seeing these because the camera is back on my desk and he’s downstairs laughing.

And I won’t think about this.DSC_0235He follows his own path, this one.  Partly terrifies me, and partly makes me admire him even more.  He’d disagree probably, but he’s teaching me more than anything to let go, stand back, cross my fingers, and enjoy the view from someone else’s vantage.

Vancouver in the distance.
DSC_0253Across the fog and water to Vancouver Island. Closer by a teensy ferry leaves a snail trail on the water.
DSC_0241And literally looking down into my backyard.DSC_0251

There he is, above the mountains.

DSC_0210Love that mountain goat.

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